Completely fucking stuck.

Side note: are fuck and stuck pretty much portmanteaus for each other? Let's just go with yes.

So, as I was saying...

Halted were the Facebook Lives.

I cut down my client load.

I stopped writing.

I stopped taking pictures (of myself...ha...if you were following my recent IG post ;-)).

I ceased to create a single fucking thing with purpose or meaning...period.

Ew. I shudder to think of the half-assed "art" I forced out of myself.

...completely fucking stuck and as a coach who preaches fearless living as a lifestyle, I knew there was a new layer of personal work to dig through before I could be as effective in my professional space again.

And because that's insanely depressing, I contemplated if I was in fact, depressed. Was I? Probably...but not without a solution. I allowed myself to be distracted by texts and scrolling and fun and relationships and sleep and boredom catch my drift.

Okay cool, we've gathered that I was blocked and stuck as what is it that digs me out when I'm hanging out in a valley for too long? What are my go-to's for resigning my role as the leader of my own personal shitty vibe tribe?

Here are ten tips from my heart to yours:

Let's get to it...  

  1. Move your fucking body. Dance, run, yoga, kickbox, gym, gym with a friend (especially if you can't get out of bed, request help fast!) anything to get into your body and out of your head. Bonus points if you can do any of these things in front of a mirror and laugh at yourself.
  2. Put down your phone (or iPad or computer). Give yourself MASSIVE technology breaks, the endless sea of scroll-town is not your friend right now. Promise.
  3. Input. Find some inspiration...somewhere...anywhere...a park, a museum, a movie, a play, go on vacation, ice-cream with your pants off while walking down the sidewalk in Times Square if that works for you, but find it. It can be something tried-and-true or something brand new but this is a great time to refill your inspiration bucket.
  4. LAUGH. Oh gah, especially at yourself. Scroll memes, watch a comedy, use SnapChat to turn your face into a giraffe with a helium voice...whatever it takes. Laughter is the magic sauce.
  5. Talk about it. I can't tell you how many times I've laced up my spiritual ego shoes whilst knee deep in a pile of shitty vibes afraid to admit it's all stinky up in herrr. Give yourself a few minutes to go there with a trusted friend, let them know it's not going great right now. Voice it, shine a light on it, own it...this allows the grip to soften...and then let go of it. 
  6. GET GRATEFUL AF and get specific about it. Have you ever thought about how many hands and processes go into a single cup of coffee? The soil, the beans, the farmers, the trucks, the factories, get it right? We have SO MUCH to be grateful for...and failure to recognize that fact makes (me) an asshole...and if you follow my instastory, you know it's coffee all day every day in this city. Thank you, coffee.
  7. Disconnect from the blame-game cycle. No one is responsible for your shitty vibes but you. What does that mean? You have the choice. You hold the power to pull yourself out. Knowing no one else holds the keys to your badass vibey-mobile is a GREAT FEELING.
  8. Acknowledge and open space for what needs healing. If you find yourself low-vibin' often...there's a good chance you're avoiding something that needs to be looked at and healed. Can you LOVE YOURSELF enough to have the courage to sit in it and heal it? Don't know where it's coming from, what it is, or how to heal it? That's okay. Sometimes the answer lies in simply admitting that truth. 
  9. Locate and remove yourself from anything, anyone, and everything that has become an energy suck. Read 7 again...they aren't to blame, and yet...YOU get to choose who you invest your time in. You don't have to be around people who pull your vibes down to love them with your whole entire heart. Can you love yourself enough to walk away? Again, don't know how? Admit it. It opens the space for your heart to do the work for you.
  10. Stop beating yourself up for not getting it right. "Really? Here AGAIN? Fuck." Give yourself a ton of grace. Guilt serves no purpose here. You are, after all, a human, living in a human body, with a human history and a human mind that likes to project shitty shit all over everything...AND YET...this is not who you are, eternally are the cosmic are are are whole and complete...and this hell you believe you're in is nothing compared the heaven you've never left. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and repeat after me....

I love you.

I love you.

I. LOVE. YOU. many times as you need. As many times as you can remember to give it to yourself. ALL DAY E'RYDAY.

And hey. While you're at it, please don't ever forget that I love you too...