Shitty Vibe Tribe member?
(we’ll abbr. SVT for short.)

I’ve been there…most recently this past month. A long, super shitty month of finding it incredibly hard to breathe, lacking focus and clarity, floating around in a listless haze of idontquitehavemyshittogetherrightnowbuthaventfiguredoutwhyyet. A month that led to a few instances of blaming other people for my all-around shitty attitude and lack of haveittogetherness.

Not gonna lie, it wasn’t cute.

But when I started to pass the blame for my own self-induced suffering, I knew I needed to roll the tape back and figure out where I got lazy…where I stopped doing the work and stopped pursuing the things that put my feet on the ground. It took me a while to find it because it was a lot further back than I thought it would be…but there it was, the tiny mad idea…“I got this…without that.”

Right around February…it began with casually saying goodbye to my studio practice…after all, I didn’t have time to go to a studio, I was busy…then my conscious creation practice…because, I mean, I already memorized that shit…and then I started relying too much on other people…because they’re so much fun and a great distraction, exchanging the focus spent on refueling my soul for human interaction until I was running on fumes.

It’s okay, it’s okay.

This is a lifelong practice, and I’ve corrected it (many, many, many times). But how often are we assuming we’ve embodied something, let up a little (and then a lot), only to find ourselves in the SVT a few months down the road…completely clueless as to how we got there?

No guilt necessary. 
Only recognition.

If this is you right now, trace your steps…what did you let go of? What did you justify it with? Maybe you haven’t even begun, or maybe you’re the founding member of the SVT, and that’s okay too…but start by gifting yourself the things that bring you joy…a good song sung at the top of your lungs, a yoga class, a long run in the park. And don’t wait, don’t keep living in the SVT…not just because it’s miserable AF but because the world needs you playing at 100%.

xo, Donielle