"I had worked with other business coaches in the past but they didn’t understand the yoga industry and I wasn’t getting anywhere. The tactics of the typical business professional are just too harsh for the average yoga practitioner.  Right away, Donielle got it.  

Together, we developed a business strategy that is in agreement with the principles of a yogic lifestyle. Donielle didn’t just teach me the business side of yoga, she also taught me a way of doing business that is in itself, yogic. Donielle embodies the principles she teaches and her natural way of offering suggestions and encouraging growth comes with such a grace and ease that it often feels like I’m talking to an old friend.

Through her coaching I was able to take immediate action to increase my business. Donielle and I worked together to implement systems that have freed me from the mundane day-to-day chores, keeping me excited about creatively developing my business.

Along the way, as we continued to work together, I would have moments of super human strength and confidence and moments of complete and utter despair and doubt. Donielle was there for all of it and she never wavered in her belief in me and never judged my doubt in myself. She provided the therapy I needed to unload some of the drama in my life. She helped me pluck out what was priority and what was not. Really, she lifted the fog that could have easily kept me from clearly defining and attaining my goals.

With Donielle's guidance and support, I have successfully positioned my business in an extremely saturated market. Through group and individual training sessions with my teachers and staff, Donielle was able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in each employee.  Immediately, she gave my staff the tools they need to become business developers and thus actively participate in the success of the studio. Together, we finessed every step of the student- teacher experience to ensure that Fahrenheit Yoga Studio is the best place to and practice yoga and work. 

The students and staff have all noticed the tremendous improvements in and out of our studio. My teachers now have a deeper sense of responsibility and commitment.  Donielle's ability to work with and challenge us while keeping us laughing and enjoying every second is true a gift.  Her profound ability to deeply move every person she comes in contact with is, in and of itself, invaluable asset to Fahrenheit Yoga Studio.

Business Consulting with Donielle is not a luxury but instead, a vital necessity for any corporation, CEO, or business owner wanting to take it to the next level.  Donielle has been the business partner I didn’t have (without giving up equity), the sanity in my often insaneness, the accountability provider I needed, and the cheerleader when I doubted myself." 

Nora Shabayek - Owner - Fahrenheit Yoga Studio, Brentwood, Tennessee